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See how activRAC can work for youAre you Looking to…
Expand your office space?
OR make room for raw materials?
OR consolidate off-site storage?
OR increase the number of SKUs?
OR add more machinery?
OR increase the capacity of your Warehouse?

Build your custom animation and find out how ActivRAC can work for you.

Static VS ActivRAC
Static shelving. You depend on it to store products, inventory, large parts and small tools. But why not make the static shelving in your space…dynamic? Why not make it move? ActivRAC mobile carriage and rail systems enable existing pallet racking or static shelving to move side-to-side, eliminating idle aisles and maximizing square footage, while still providing 100% accessibility to stored items. Avoid the Static. ActivRAC it.
ActivRAC Products
You’re ready to take your static shelving and make it mobile. Designed to work within an existing facility and using existing pallet racking and industrial shelving, ActivRAC products are your solution. With load capacities from 7,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs, and easy installation on uneven concrete, ActivRAC systems are the best way to get your shelving moving and start saving valuable floor space.

Our local Spacesaver Industrial storage experts are available to visit your facility and evaluate your spatial and operational challenges in order to recommend the right ActivRAC storage solution for you. Call or fill out our online form to get in touch with our Industrial Storage Specialist today.


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activrac saves time and space
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